Real Estate Buyer Agents-(Morris, MN)

If you are interested in joining a winning real estate Team and you desire to be compensated, handsomely, we have an open position available. You must possess an active current Real Estate license for this position. I am currently seeking out experienced Buyer Agents. All leads/clients you work with will be property of Trent Gustus Keller Williams. You will find that you will be selling more homes than you have on your own and with less effort, resulting in more money in your pocket and more time with your family. As an Agent for Trent Gustus Keller Williams, you will have the following responsibilities: • Work 10 leads initially given, with a possible increase based on performance. • Complete Daily call log • Call a minimum of 2 hours each day Monday – Friday for a total of 10 hours each week. • Follow and complete Showing Reports by midnight. • Weekly meeting with Trent Gustus Keller Williams in order to review leads/clients. You will have a 30 day trial period in which we will evaluate your performance of working leads. If you are excelling you will receive more leads and thus more commission. Once trial period is completed you will be evaluated based on overall results in order to determine if you will become a Full Buyer Agent. If interested, please send the following: *Years in Real Estate – Licensed with little experience ok - *Your background and attachment of resume. *How many deals did you close in 2012? *How many deals are you looking to close is 2013 I will respond within 3 days to your inquiry so we can mutually decide whether it would be beneficial to do business together.